Jedburgh Rd. Project

Our client soon contracted us to update her informal dining chairs which she lovesto place around her much loved glass table. She chose muted fabrics with a mix of florals and stripes to blend in well with her area carpets. Although the chairs were different, the fabric story meshed together well because of the same tones within the colour pallet of the entire room.

It's all about the details when we reupholster any lovely peice and these chairs were no exception. With the tall back chairs we single piped the frame and seat of the chair - the fabric told the story.

The Cane back dining chairs were different. The striped fabric had to be lined up perfectly or else the chair would never look proper. We double piped around the edge of the seat to further add to the elegance of the chairs.

It's hard to pick a favorite when all our client's chairs were beautiful but perhaps the most memorable was the elder Bergere chair with the removable cushion. Our client chose a muted, fine lined stripe fabric - simply beautiful!

We double piped the arm of the Bergere chair. We piped the removable seat cushion. All the piping detail added to the overall beauty of the chair.

This chair matched the vibrancy of our clilent's personality. She loved the detail of the double piping (very in-keeping with the period of the chair) and who wouldn't love this fabric highlighted with the black laquered frame.

Chairs, chairs and more chairs! Our Jedburgh Road client wanted to update most of her favorite chairs she proudly displays around the main floor of her North Toronto home. In the entertainment business, our client entertains a lot at home and wanted everything to look fresh and modern. She started by puchasing this Bergere framed chair which was proudly displayed in the window of our Brookdale shop. We had purchased the frame from an auction and sprayed it in a durable black lacquer paint and then upholstered it in a vibrant multi coloured stripe print fabric. We dubed it "Our Happy Chair!" as you couldn't help but smile whenever you saw it.

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